Four Tips To Go Minimal With Your Furniture

Whether it’s for your apartment that’s as bare as the college assignment you have to submit before tonight or your little comfortable home you moved in after just having married the love of your life, things can get a little tacky when you’ve got to fill in the place and get the furniture as soon as possible before your mom pops in for a surprise visit and gives a lecture about how a set of furniture can be significant for your living. Somehow. Its true moms can exaggerate, and your wallets can scream otherwise. So here’s a few ways to go minimal and yet stay sophisticated with your furniture to reduce the housework and the bill.

Vintage and Retro.

Nope I’m not talking about the Elegant and royal cushions with gold work embroidery on which ancient kings two hundred and eighty years back sat on. Anything retro doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dig in to the sixties and seventies for inspiration, in fact you can go back a bit further, steal some ideas and get a crossover from all eras. With a bit funky and wild material that were used in the retro era and a more simple style from the vintage, you’ll have a blend of both whilst going budget friendly. A small round table with the prettiest of lace and with a one or two wedding ceremony chairs customised in retro inspired fabric might save space and turn a classy look. Make sure to de-clutter unnecessary cabinets and remove anything you don’t really need. Although that vintage grandfather’s clock might go with your style, it might not with your idea of keeping it minimal.

French Country Style.

Whilst this style still lingers in and around anything antique, it comes in various different designs too. If you’re like me and prefer wearing a T-shirt two sizes big for you, not just for home but even social events and would rather sleep in your own bed than any other expensive sophisticated ones simply because it’s comfortable, then you’re most probably going to love this style. French country style definitely sets a comfortable mood with simple and rustic interiors and elegant but charming light colours. You don’t have to go modern to be minimal, you can pull a great look like this by simply getting creamy louis or chiavari chairs and just one elegant chandelier from any store that’s up for a grand dining table or best bamboo folding chairs.

Modern and Contemporary.

Sometimes, you just want to stay simple. Simple things are pretty cheap and can still throw a great look. But sometimes, simple furniture can come in the name of exquisite and modern and can be eager to indulge your entire debit card so effortlessly. If you’re a person that can’t stand anything that’s pink and fancy then a few white furniture would do the thing. Focus on the forms and settle on neat shapes instead of curvy and unique trends. You don’t have to impress your guests, it’s your home and you’re going to be living in it. If you don’t like over decorative furniture, then don’t get them even if it’s for free because along with it, you’ll be carrying a bag of regret. Modern isn’t always expensive. So browse through websites and walk into stores and I’m sure you’ll find a few to suit your style.

Punk and Funk.

If Rainbows, unicorns, tons of Confetti and anything that has a pop of twenty thousand colours can ignite you and make you scream in bliss then don’t worry, designing a home doesn’t mean you have to act like an adult. Also if you want to have less furniture but at the same time have funky themed interiors then here’s an idea. Paint the walls the way you want, get creative with them, buy a few bright yellow and lime green bar stools, throw in a Dr Seuss book shelf and just one sofa screaming your favourite colour. Don’t overdo with the furniture to stay minimal yet funky.