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Why Should You Opt For Timber Flooring?

Did you know choosing a type of flooring for your home has a lot to say about the type of person you are? Well, that is because flooring has a lot to do with defining how much you value your home and how well do you keep it. However, when it comes to choosing the best type of flooring for their house is something not very easy because literally everything has their pros and cons. But to make it easier for you, we personally feel that out of all the available options, timber flooring is the best thing you can invest on. Let’s find out reasons why you should opt for timber flooring.

Natural Look

Timber flooring is basically wood and the appealing qualities of wood is something that cannot be ignore. When you place timer vinyl plank flooring Perth to your home, it adds up to the aesthetics of the look and decor of the house, hence, gives it more of a natural look that is incomparable to other available options. In fact, the best part about timber is that there is a huge variety in this so you can choose anything that would set well with the furniture and wall paint of your house.

Increases Value

Even though you are not looking forward to sell your property anytime soon but if you have installed timber flooring in your home, know that you have automatically have the value of the property increased at a much greater level. Don’t believe it? Ask any real estate agent to drop by your house before and after the renovation has been done and see it for yourself.


Wood is known to be one of the best insulators, hence, they have the properties to work well throughout any season. They are known to provide a well maintained temperature during the winters as well as summers so you would always feel comfortable at your home throughout the year.


Unlike other available options for flooring, wood is the best one to have installed especially if you are someone who has a baby at home or personally prefers walking on the floor barefoot as the surface is soft and doesn’t damage your feet at all which is not the case with other floorings. As a result, timber is the best available flooring here you should choose if you prefer comfort over anything else.


Last but not the least, timber flooring is very easy to clean and maintain despite the fact that you have a busy schedule and are not fond of regular cleaning, it is not prone to be getting debris or dirt very quickly. A simple mopping and sweeping would be enough to give you cleaner results.